002 - Fat and

You don’t have to hate yourself for being fat. The social contract to apologize for a fat body is not
legally binding and cannot be enforced. This is your permission slip to be fat and.

Be Fat and Gorgeous
How many times have you heard someone say, “You’d be so good-looking if you just lost some weight”?
Too many. Fat and Gorgeous are not mutually exclusive. Be both. Don’t be bothered with what society
says gorgeous looks like. Maybe for you it is all feminine and pastel. Maybe it’s a hard edge. Maybe
it’s masculine and muted. Be your kind of fat and your kind of gorgeous.

Be Fat and Brave
Stop letting your current body dictate your future fun. Wear that crop top. Let your cellulite sing in a
mini or short shorts. Go to dinner alone. Ride that roller coaster. Apply for the promotion. You deserve
happiness as much as any thin person.

Be Fat and In Love with Yourself

I recently took part in an art project that involved taking a series of nude photographs of myself, dancing.
I almost backed out when I found out it had to be dancing. I could handle it when I controlled the angles
and what was shown, but dancing? The photos were jarring. Of course. But once I looked at them as an
art project, I was in love. I loved the photo that showed just how much my arse sticks out from my waist.
I loved the picture that showed the folds in my side. The photo where I’m grinning, singing along, and
clearly just enjoying the moment is beautiful.


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