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003 - Asexual's favorite vibrators

So. Here's the thing. I mostly identify as asexual, as I couldn't be less interested in having sex ever again. (I also absolutely detest french kissing. I legit gagged when I thought about it.) BUT. As I explained to my doctor, after she wanted to prescribe me a medication I knew would kill my ability to orgasm: No, I'm not sexually active with anyone else...but I am with myself. That's why I love LELO.

A long, long time ago I had the Wahl brand version of a magic wand. Powerful? Yes. Quiet? No. Plugged into the wall so I never needed batteries? Yes, absolutely. That was the one thing I was looking for when I bought it - no batteries included. I get pressed enough when the TV remote needs new batteries, I cannot deal with that in my special friend. After a dedicated 10 years on the job, my faux magic wand's power cord frayed, and devastatingly SET MY TANK TOP ON FIRE one day.

It was a tragic breakup.


I have now picked up the pieces, and carried on with my …

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