005 - Rachel hearts Savage X Fenty

I have to admit, I ordered this set from Savage X Fenty purely out of spite. A plus size blogger I follow on Twitter wrote a long thread about how disappointed she was that the plus size Valentine’s Day items were so different from the straight size items. She linked this set and talked about how much she hated it, but I just to had to have it. I’m glad it has underwire. I’m glad it has cheeky briefs instead of a thong.

So, I ordered it. And had to sign up for a free trial of the VIP membership, which I did have to actually call and cancel, but the free shipping and discounted price were worth it, because this set is fucking amazing. I feel so, so good in this. I was nervous about sizing, but I found the bra to be true to size in the band and slightly large in the cup - which is what I wanted. The undies are a little small for my taste - I ordered a 3X and they’re just right, while I wear a 2X everywhere else.

I’m not in the habit of buying myself lingerie. While I was married, I briefly subscribed to Adore Me, but their sizing was also lousy and they were almost always sold out of my size in sets that I liked. Now, I buy comfy (read: gigantic) cotton undies at Aerie and clearance bras from Freya. Whatever is cheap and available in my size is fine. I decided that for Valentine’s Day, which was basically always my most hated holiday, I would treat myself. I would do something nice for myself. I would not wallow in single-ness or dread the obligatory date night. I have a bottle of my favorite sparkling wine, I have a gorgeous lingerie set that makes me feel fantastic, and I’ll watch a movie and spend the evening with Ivan - the cat. 

This is not sad.

This is a celebration.

Now we just sit back and wait for Rihanna to call. 


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