003 - Asexual's favorite vibrators

So. Here's the thing. I mostly identify as asexual, as I couldn't be less interested in having sex ever again. (I also absolutely detest french kissing. I legit gagged when I thought about it.) BUT. As I explained to my doctor, after she wanted to prescribe me a medication I knew would kill my ability to orgasm: No, I'm not sexually active with anyone else...but I am with myself. That's why I love LELO.

A long, long time ago I had the Wahl brand version of a magic wand. Powerful? Yes. Quiet? No. Plugged into the wall so I never needed batteries? Yes, absolutely. That was the one thing I was looking for when I bought it - no batteries included. I get pressed enough when the TV remote needs new batteries, I cannot deal with that in my special friend. After a dedicated 10 years on the job, my faux magic wand's power cord frayed, and devastatingly SET MY TANK TOP ON FIRE one day.

It was a tragic breakup.


I have now picked up the pieces, and carried on with my much, much better new vibrator company. I did loads of research before I bought a replacement. The faux wand lasted 10 years, so I needed longevity. I still absolutely refuse to buy batteries, so it had to be a plug in or rechargeable model. The internet said: "Buy a LELO." And I said, "But internet, they're so expensive! What's just as good, but cheap?"

The internet said, "Girl, your pussy deserves a luxury vibrator. Stop trying to discount yourself. Get the good one."

So I got the good one. And then I got two more good ones, because I do deserve the good one. I have the GIGI 2, the LILY, and the SONA.

Because I don't have any real sexual desire, I want a vibrator that works quick. I don't want to warm up, and carry on all day or night. I want to go to sleep. Let me sleep. And the Lily and Sona are perrrrrrfffffffffff for that. LELO has tons of products for people who want to take their time, or use it with a partner - but I'm not that kind of girl.

Love yourself, love your lady garden, love LELO.


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